Research Consultant | 2019-Present

Social Media and Communications | 2017-2019
The Corcovado Project

Manager and Social Media Coordinator | 2016-2018
Ethnoforum – University of Melbourne

Research Assistant | 2016
University of Melbourne

I’m an ethnographer and qualitative research consultant.

As a fully qualified researcher, I am currently working for a Perth-based advertising agency as a consultant. I am aiding businesses in understanding their clients, their position, and how to best utilise this information to benefit their companies moving forward. As the driver for end-to-end research, I am present through workshops/consultations with clients, development of questions and approach, conducting interviews/focus groups/surveys, analysis, drafting reports, and presentation of insights/recommendations to clients.

I have a love to digital and real world humanities.

I want to help people and companies reach their full potential. It is incredibly fulfilling to help people see the magic in the mundane.

Writing is a passion.

I love writing in all forms, from creative to corporate publications. As self expression and as a way to translate data into workable insights, I find that writing holds a lot of power.

I know I will be an asset to your company.

My dedication, quality of work and positive attitude are just a few of the reasons you should take a leap and hire me!

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